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Q: What is the best way to secure a Hollow Metal Door, I would like to know what is the best lock possible?
A: It is very difficult to specify one lock that is the "best", however, it depends on your application, for example a 4-way locking (A/K/A Police lock, or Fox Lock) made by Securitech Group we would consider to be most secure, but keep in mind it cannot be used on exit doors, also on entry doors it may be considered dangerous as in case of emergency, rescue efforts may not be able to gain access.

The other option maybe an electro-magnetic lock, available in 600 lbs to 1800 lbs  holding force, made by Securitron, and other manufactures, there are some restrictions with building codes in certain cities, verify with your local authorities.

Q: we just complete a project with some Hollow Metal and some Fire rated wood doors, the owners just decided that they want to have glass installed in some of the doors, can we save the hassle of replacing the doors ?
A: the answer is YES, you don't need to replace these doors, if theses doors are fire rated, there will be limitations as to which glass and glazing can be used, also the sizes of the glass, consult with the door manufacturer, they should be able to provide you glass kits (A/K/A Vision Lite Kits) usually a 5" X 20" or a 10" X 10" wire glass will be allowed, (100 sq in) you will have to make sure that the Kits are UL approved for your application.

The actual cutting is fairly simple, when you get to that point, you can email us and we will guide you on how to do it and which tools to use.

Q: we are building a new commercial office building, we are trying to achieve a modern look, what type of doors do you recommend?

A: it depends on your local building code what type of fire rating you would need, either way, you can achieve 90 minute (B label), or even 3 hour (A label) fire rating by installing Hollow Metal doors, if you need 3 hour rating, be careful to ask to the manufacturer, what type of metal frames you should use, some manufacturers require the frames, to be welded.
The reason we recommend Hollow metal is, since this would be a office building you most likely will need some fire rating, as for the modern look, you can either use brush grinder to achieve a "brushed steel" look and than spray it with a polyurethane clear finish, or have the doors powder coated, there are many options available, including metallic and textured colors and finishes.

Q: I am building a store, what is a ADA door?
A: There is no such item as a ADA Door, ADA requires a door that a wheelchair shall fit through, a minimum of 34", also if the door will have a locking mechanism, it should not be a ball knob but a "lever" handle, the lever must be an ADA approved lever.

Q: I have a door in our basement with a cross bar to exit, it kinda old, and I would like to have a knob to come in, as well as exiting, can I replace it with a regular door handle?
A: a Panic Exit device is installed at fire exit doors, if that is your case, we strongly recommend that you should replace it with a exit device, they are inexpensive, and may save lives when depending on it, and, it is most likely required by your building code. as for the knob to enter, depending on the device you have or the one you will be replacing it with, it should have an option of re-entry, ask your hardware supplier.

Q: What price range am I looking at?
A: Generally, when it comes to door hardware, it is difficult to talk prices without a manufacturer name and item number, or at lease seeing the item, but if you are only looking to replace a panic device, with a re-entry knob, on a door that is not being used a lot, you may get away with about $100.00 for the device and $35.00 for the re-entry knob, it is a relatively easy installation.

Q: We are building a non-franchise privately owned motel, the designer / architect specified Stanley FBB191 Hinges, it looks like it will cost us around $20 - $25.00 each hinge, we did not intend to spent that amount just for hinges, Can you give us any idea on how to go about it?
A: We urge you to refer back to the specifications, you received before biding this project, it depends on the owner and the architect whether they will let you change the base material of the hinge, if this building project is not in a high humidity area, or where there is constant exposure to moisture, and/or salt, there may be no reason to use stainless steel hinges, (other than the fact that the specifications were copied from another project that is..), you may want to submit a sample of a Stanley FBB179 X US26D, which is a steel hinge in a dull chrome finish, you may be surprised that they will accept it, ant that hinge should not cost you more than $6.00 to $8.00/pc.